Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-move Survey and Estimate

It is the responsibility of the company to estimate the volume and weight of the shipment to be moved from the premises of the client. The estimate however is not a basis for the final charges but only a factor to compute the rates ad to determine the requirements in the scope of work and its execution.

2. Premises at Origin and Destination

It required by the company, the client shall facilitate the inspection of the premises at origin and destination to enable the movers for a safe. Smooth and efficient operations. In cases wherein the company may not be allowed for inspection of all the premises, the client must bring to the notice of the company any handling operations involving exceptional difficulties i.e. accessibility, parking and traffic problem etc. Should the customer fall to do so, The company is not liable for any additional expenses or delays incurred while performing the job, and otherwise the company will be entitled to claim for any additional expenses being paid for this purpose.

3. Charges and Method of Payment

The charges for moving and the terms or method of payment shall be in accordance with the term of this contract. Any additional agreement concerning the charges and the method of payment shall be expressed in writing by both parties and shall become a part of this contract.

4. Documents

4.1. Survey Form,

This form shall list all the items shown by the client during the pre-move survey conducted at origin by the company’s representative. Once the pre-move survey form is completed. The company representative shall request the customer to acknowledge with his/her signature. The company also reserves the right to invoice for any additional charges if the client shall request to move any item which is not stated in the pre-move survey form.

4.2. Delivery Receipt,  

This document completed by the company contains some basic information about the delivery address of the client, contact telephone number, driver name, truck no, shipment route, container no., major description of the goods, no. of pieces, remarks, job no. date, time of delivery, and  contact person at destination, etc. this document is to be signed by the client or his representative that confirms the delivery of all the items, and that the items were received in good condition unless exceptions are noted.  The shipper will issue the Air Waybill for airfreight shipments and Combined Transport Bill of Lading copy in the case of sea freight shipments

4.3. Shipper Declaration,

Document completed by the client or his representative stating the complete name of the client or his/her representative receiving the items/goods at destination, contact telephone numbers, any additional instructions, etc. which shall become a reference to the company’s delivery of the items/goods at the destination.

5. Liability

If client chooses not to insure the shipment, the company will not be responsible to compensate the client financially, and complaints are accepted within a week maximum from delivery.

Upon confirmation that damage was the result of carelessness from the company, the company will carry out the fixing of the damage with no more than 500 SAR cost. However, if the client insured his shipment, then he can request compensation on damages done during the move within 30 days from delivery.

In the case of the carrier (Airlines and / or Shipping Lines and it transporters) the liability will as a rule. Also be limited in case of carriage subject to the regulations by airfreight or sea freight, Terms and Conditions are stated in the Air Waybill copy for airfreight shipments and Combined Transport Bill of Lading copy in the case of sea freight shipments.

5.1. Delays, the company shall not be responsible for any kind of expenses changes incurred by the client due to unintentional delays or delays that are beyond the control of the company such as vehicle breakdown, or
inadequate contact information provided by the client.  In case of delay from the company side,

5.2. Postponing,

postponing work after booking will cause extra charges to be added and calculated as follows:

In case of postponing or cancelling the move 2 days prior to booked date, fee percentage will be 10%

and if postponing was from client side, re-booking again will be done by Al Jawad and based on the available date

  • In case of postponing or cancelling the move 1 day prior to booked date or during work, fee percentage will be 20% and if postponing was from client side, re-booking again will be be done by Al Jawad and based on the available date.

  • 5.3. Perishable Items and Live Plants/Animals, 
    insistence by the client to move such items/shipment will be at the client’s own risks and the company shall not take any responsibility for any loss / damage or even the loss of life to the plants or animals.

5.4. Jewelries, bank notes, artwork, antique, mobiles, laptops and personal valuables, non-disclosure of the existence of such items or the insistence by the customer to move such items will be at his/her own risks and the company shall not take any responsibility for any loss or damage other than what is stated in this clause.

5.5. Packed by the Owner / Client (P.B.O), The Company shall not be responsible for any breakages, scratching, denting, marring, chipping, staining, and tearing of items in the owner / customer packed the boxes, trunks, and suitcases, The company shall not also liable for any missing items from the boxes, trunks and suitcases which are suitcases which are packed by the owner.

5.6. Laundry, the company shall not reimburse any laundry expenses as a result of ceasing staining soiling to clothing and other textile materials, curtains, carpets, rugs and the like while in the process of moving the cargo form origin to destination.

5.7. Electrical Derangement, the Company shall not be responsible for any sort of electrical or mechanical derangement to computers, TV, stereo, microwave oven, refrigerators, washing machine and other electrical appliances.

5.8. Wear and Tear, the company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage on the items/goods which are caused by molds, moth wear and tear and graduate deterioration to the items/goods which are caused by molds, moth wear and tear termites, rodents, rust, etc. and items/goods which are confiscated by Saudi authorities.

5.9. Natural Climatic and Other, The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage to item / goods / shipment as a result of climatic change, fire, explosion, earthquake, lighting, sea water, hailstorms and the like.

5.10. Other Services, Aljawad is not responsible to the client for the services such as: plumbing, masonry, painting, redecoration, cleaning and general electrical works, washing machine and other appliance piping installations, split type air-conditioner and satellite dish removal and installation, and /or services which are not specified in the contract.

6. Client’s Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the client or his representative to furnish the company a list of any articles that deemed to be obscene, anti or against the applicable law, risky or hazardous (Dangerous items/goods). The reason of which may cause damages or losses or involves the risks to people or property including the life of the moving crew, in this case the client shall be responsible for all the expenses incurred due to loss or damages sustained by the company by reason of non-disclosure and / or intentionally concealing of any of the particulars of this kind of items/goods in the Shipment.


(6.1) Acceptance of items/goods/shipment, If the shipper / client fails to receive the shipment at the agreed place and at the agreed time, he shall be responsible for all the related charges plus storage charges if any, which will be computed as per the company tariff. The storage period will not exceed (5) days, then the company will not be liable for any damage or loss to the shipment.

(6.2) Goods while in Storage, if the client failed / does not show-up to receive the shipment kept in storage at the or pay its due on the agreed date and / or failed to inform the company in writing for any extension of services after the period of ninety (90) days. The company reserves the right, without any further notice to the customer, to sell the goods in auction to recover its service charges and in case the client wanted to retrieve shipment before the agreed date, he/she must adhere to the following:

  • Contact his/her service coordinator or customer service two weeks earlier.
  • Never demand the company to return any of the payment.

(6.3) Wear & Tear, The Company shall not be responsible for any damages such as discoloration, cracking, shrinking, expanding, and the like, to the furniture or other items / goods while stored in the ventilated warehouse facility which may be due to climatic change.

(6.4) Delivery Confirmation. In case the client is not available to receive the shipment. The customer should authorize a member of the household and/or appoint a representative who can sign all the shipping documents on his/her behalf.

This agreement shall become effective as of the date in which the company begin to perform the job for the client and shall be in force until the shipment has been delivered to the agreed destination.  The Arabic language will be considered in case of any discrepancy.

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