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Packaging and transportation services


Packaging service
Our first goal is to move furniture and protect it and maintain it from any errors, so we serve the packaging of furniture, which is one of the most important services and stages of moving furniture, it is a service that keeps furniture and movables from fractures, scratches and dust . We pack every piece in the house or the company in our own way and because we deal with the best furniture moving companies, which use the finest materials used in the packaging of furniture

The most important steps that are carried out by the companies of packaging furniture and furniture during the process of moving the house is to do the packaging of the luggage at the beginning, after the dismantling of the luggage is wrapped so that the luggage is not exposed to any damage or scratches or damage to the precious pieces in the

The process of packaging furniture is not an easy process, but a process that needs specialized people in order to be done accurately and efficiently, and to achieve this must use the best materials and tools that help in this work and make it well done

Tools used in furniture packaging

To carry out the process of packaging furniture needs skill in order to reach the furniture safely and safely to the place where it is moved ,the materials and tools that are used in the scientific packaging of furniture vary according to the pieces of furniture that will be moved

Hence we know that there are many materials and ores of packaging that are used in scientific packaging, but there are things that must be followed at the beginning, including cleaning the furniture well before it is packaged as well as tightening the ores of packaging well on the furniture so that there is no vacuum of air or dirt work insulator between

Plastic in the form of bubbles for the process of packaging furniture and furniture

This type of plastic is one of the finest tools used in the process of packaging furniture and has a large capacity to withstand during the transportation process in addition to its use and appropriateness in the packaging of various pieces of furniture in the House

Soft plastic

This type of plastic is used during the process of packaging furniture for a short distance

It is suitable for packaging pieces that need special care such as personal things and pieces that are afraid of breakage such as electrical tools and prefer to use it in this matter even if the period in which the furniture will be stored long and whatever the process of transportation for a long distance is considered the packaging of furniture using plastic

Usage cartons and cardboard

Cartons of excellent type, which is characterized by strength and durability, which is often used in the storage of some fruits

And also for the weakness of its structure, such as bananas and some other fruits, these types of cartons in the form of cubes, which helps to facilitate the storage process

Cardboard paper

Cardboard is used to wrap the glass so that it can be protected from breakage when stored inside the cartons during the packaging of furniture, using sheets of newspapers and sheets of magazine paper in the process of packaging furniture and personal belongings and packaging tools for the kitchen and clothing packaging

Usage of plastic bags

Some plastic bags or bags are used to put clothes inside them during transportation, in order to keep them during transportation, plastic bags and bags work in protecting and maintaining furniture and help in transportation and packaging significantly

It can also be used for other times in other transport, including expensive types and others that are cheap

Sofa packaging bags

Bags for wrapping the sofa is one of the excellent tools used by home furniture moving companies as it is used in the packaging of multiple and different types of sofa interiors and sofa councils and salons

These bags help to keep the sofa pieces clean from dust each piece is placed sofa and furniture packaging bags dedicated to it protects it from insects and protects it from tearing during the process of moving furniture

The sofa is one of the important holdings that must be maintained intact because of the need of each family and the inability to use it in case of any damage during the process of moving furniture to the new place

How to pack wooden furniture (wooden furniture pieces)

The moving house company unpacks the pieces of wooden furniture such as cupboard parts, Office parts, bed as well as various pieces of wood and turn them into parts so that they can be wrapped by the paper for the process of packaging furniture, which is cardboard and then the paper is glued tightly by plaster soltipama in the case of the emergence of any

How glass and mirrors are wrapped

Glass pieces represent a great danger during the process of moving furniture, because they can be broken easily and are often important and necessary pieces for every home and family such as mirrors, glass and glass for bedrooms

And these parts must be taken care of during the process of packaging furniture and are wrapped using pieces of Cork is also put Cork on the pieces of glass from all directions and after the end of this stage is wrapped a second time using special bags of babelsoom so that they are distinguished from the rest of the pieces that are transported during the

How to pack antiques and antiques

The process of packaging antiques need special care because they are expensive pieces and prone to breakage as there are pieces of rare antiques and altkat that are difficult to compensate again if it happens and suffered any fracture or scratch during the process of moving furniture and for the ores of these antiques they vary between metal and glass and also crystal, which are fragile lining so as not to be exposed to any damage or scratch during the stage of moving furniture and furniture as it is customary to The furniture packaging companies put each piece of these antiques and antiques in a special box for each piece and this helps to increase in safety and to preserve these precious pieces that are transported

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