Head Office in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.


Timmings : 09.30 AM - 10.00PM

Who We Are

Intoday's world, movement of cargoes & used personal effects, office furniture, supplies and furnishings are the major services of a professional movers. The cargo and moving company plays an essential role in moving the employees, the families, the companies from one location to another, domestic and internationally.

About Us

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  • Al Jawad International Express managed to maintain the high standards of services by utilizing the latest units and equipment to attain the highest levelof customer satisfaction.

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  • We employ a top team of professional operations personnel, export/import experts, professional packers who have been specifically trained to assure our customers the best quality of services.

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  • Our office and warehouse are manned by professional staffs who are well experienced in all aspects of cargo forwarding, packaging, and moving. The facilities are equipped with the latest units which are used to track the movement of cargo from one destination to another. The warehouses properly maintained, assuring of a proper stacking, safety measures and fire prevention to maintain the safety of goods.

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  • Al Jawad International Express also, established a worldwide relationship to ensure that the services provided at the other end are the same highest standard which will be provided to customers.

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  • Al Jawad International Express utilizes the highest quality of packing materials to protect items while in transit and to withstand all normal movements of cargo.

our services

Our professional crew is doing the special packing for safe moving of the fragile items. Heavy items such as iron safes, cabinets and piano etc. are handled using the modern moving equipment. Hangingand flat wardrobes are used for moving the clothes.

We offer a large variety of carton boxes of small, medium and large size.In addition, we also utilize white news print, corrugated cartons, plastic &bubble wrap.